[UbuntuWomen] Unemployed wondering how to get a job in Linux

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Wed Mar 12 03:19:47 UTC 2008

Karin Qadri wrote:
> Hell o All,
> I have a background in Windows Desktop support, network support an
> obsolete (I think expired not sure) MCSE.
> Trouble is I get asked about the vintage of my MCSE (Windows NT 4.0
> obtained in 2000).
> Do Any of you use Linux at work? How do I get my "foot in a door?"

I use Linux exclusively for work, and often for entertainment too.  :)  Having
said that I'm not a systems administrator, just a user.  If you want to get into
Linux support and systems administration then I'd suggest a few things:

* Join an appropriate system administration professional organisation (or
more!).  For example SAGE (part of Usenix) and/or LOPSA in the US.  SAGE-AU in
Australia.  etc.

* Set up a heterogeneous environment at home.  That is grab a bunch of machines
together, install Windows on one, and at least 2 varieties of Linux (RHEL/Fedora
 and Debian/Debian-based perhaps) on two more.  The more machines and operating
systems (Solaris?  Window XP and Vista?  Throw in a Mac too?) the merrier.  Make
them all talk to each other.  Throw in a printer and make sure they all can
print.  Make sure they can all use a single internet connection.  Make sure they
can all send and receive email.  Learn how to apply patches to all of them.  Ask
questions, search the web, read books and keep trying until it all works.

* Once you've achieved the above you're in a solid position.  Apply to one of
the junior level jobs advertised via that professional organisation.  :)

Bingo your foot is in the door!  Did you want something easier?

Keep up your Windows skills, because it's very rare that you'll end up in
exclusively *nix environments for the rest of your life.  Most systems
administrators will have to deal with heterogeneous environments as the norm.


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