[UbuntuWomen] LugRadio Live in SF

Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at xtrinsic.com
Wed Mar 12 02:08:32 UTC 2008

Good evening,

It was all fun and games until LugRadio Live offered up an EEE PC to the
person who gets the most people to pre-register for their San Francisco
conference. Now... it's not fun and games. Now it's flat out
competition! If you are going, please tell 'em Emma Hogbin sent you!!

April 12-13. In San Fran. It's going to be awesome!


Oh yeah... I should probably also mention that I will be giving a talk
called, "Form an orderly queue, ladies."
"A slightly raucous but very fun look at female participation in open
source computing. This presentation includes a subversive tour of the
well known articles and statistics about women in open source and
finishes with tangible solutions that really do get more women engaged
in technology.

"Drawing on personal experience, Emma will present you with real
solutions that have worked in her community. Explore absolutely new ways
of thinking about the gender gap and learn how to take the next step
towards really increasing the number of women in open source computing."

It'd be lovely to see you ALL there, but I understand it's a bit far for
some of you...

PS James: I'm presenting at LRL UK as well. Hopefully you'll make it up
for that one!

Emma Jane Hogbin, B.Sc.
Founder, xtrinsic
phone: (519) 371-2665
web: www.xtrinsic.com

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