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It's a nice feeling isn't it =) I am glad that you are happy in using
opensource apps. It can be an addicting feeling sometimes =)


On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 12:55 PM, <malaikasharp at comcast.net> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I am very excited. I just completed installing Ubuntu 7.10 to my desktop.
> I am now ms free! yeah.
> I first announced several months ago that I had installed the Feisty
> version on my laptop. I was happy then to have finally returned to open
> source but was still not satisfied because I still had ms on the desktop. I
> had not found a suitable replacement for publisher. I do a fair amount of
> desk top publishing for my business and was worried that I would not be able
> to do some of the things that needed to get done.
> Over the past several months, I have been spending time with Scribus, as
> well as re-doing as many documents in the open office format (re-doing since
> .pub files can not be converted), and creating others in scribus.
> Due to a strange thing happening with msVISTA, which rendered the programs
> that I was using unusable, plus nuked my ability to access the internet, I
> installed Ubuntu on the desktop.
> I am so happy. Just wanted to share with people who I know understand.
> The installation went relatively well. I had some problems with the
> onboard NIC, so I put an old card in one of the slots. I still had problems
> with the configuration and getting the Network Tools/Manager to do their
> thing. Finally, after checking and rechecking everything, I restarted the
> modem (comcast) and internet success.
> So much for rambling,
> Keep up the good work and the encouragement. While I don't post often, I
> read everything that I receive in my inbox.
> Have a wonderful day today.
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> Malaika Sharp
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