[UbuntuWomen] Why are there more females in Computer Science in UP?

Jan Claeys lists at janc.be
Mon Mar 3 23:38:39 UTC 2008

Op maandag 03-03-2008 om 16:25 uur [tijdzone -0500], schreef Emma Jane Hogbin:
> Last fall I was the guest speaker at an event to promote the trades to
> teen girls (trades == electrician, welder, iron worker, computer
> technologist, etc). When I asked the girls how many have an account on
> MySpace or Facebook every single one of them put up their hand (some
> were on only one or the other and some used both). When I asked how many
> had ever thought of building an app for Facebook fewer than five-ten
> percent put up their hand. They actively consume technology but have not
> even *thought* about altering the system.

Well, I wish none of them would be on on facebook or myspace, but maybe
that's just because I prefer people to be original thinkers instead of
"fashionistas"...  ;-)

Jan Claeys

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