[UbuntuWomen] Why are there more females in Computer Science in UP?

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Mon Mar 3 00:43:03 UTC 2008

Yolynne Medina wrote:
> I'd like to know more of your thoughts about this blog post.
> http://guro.edublogs.org/2008/03/01/why-are-there-more-females-in-computer-science-in-up/

	"In a recent study in the UK, girls are more comfortable using computers than boys"

Because being comfortable with *using* a device has nothing at all to do with
wanting to *program* or otherwise *modify* that device.  Women have been
comfortable using common household devices for decades such as vacuum cleaners,
fridges, washing machines, telephones, cooking white-goods, etc etc.  This
hasn't created a mass of women wanting to understand how those devices work, be
involved in their creation or any such things.  Neither should we expect that
girls and women who are comfortable using a computer will automatically want to
extend the powers of that computer past what software they can buy or otherwise
obtain for it.  This isn't a gender thing, it's a consumer vs creator thing.

Note that the opposite works fine too.  You can be less comfortable using a
computer, but very interested in knowing how it works and how to improve it.
Take me for example, I knew very little about computers before I started my
software engineering degree (I didn't really know what software engineering was
either), I used the computer to write letters and do assignments and that was
it.  I *wanted* the computer to be more like the ones in my science fiction
books which were telepathic and would do what I wanted them to, yet I'd not yet
learned to program.  I excelled in Software Engineering/Computer Science and
have a career built soundly on it.  (I'm a lot more comfortable working with
computers now).

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