[UbuntuWomen] GeekSpeakr.com - Tech women speakers

Brenda Wallace brenda at wallace.net.nz
Mon Jun 23 10:42:16 UTC 2008

Hi folks.

A while ago i heard the complaint that there are no women speakers for 
technical conferences - they don't exist, or they're incredibly rare, that's 
why none were invited to speak at <insert invite only gathering>.

So I decided to do something about it.

I whacked together http://geekspeakr.com using some drupal modules and asked 
the tech women of the world to come register.

I'd love for the ubuntu women to come sign up as speakers @ 
http://geekspeakr.com. You're very likely to get contacted by conference and 
even organisers  - but at the least you'll be adding +1 to the long list of 
awesome confident techie women in the list and dispelling another silly myth.

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