[UbuntuWomen] To all you wonderful people on this list!

Ireene-Sointu ireenesointu at phonecoop.coop
Sat Jun 7 07:26:29 UTC 2008

I have not had so much fun reading any posts as I have been having 
reading the replies to Shlomi Fish.

I am probably the oldest one on this list (am I? I am 59) so from a 
different generation to you all. When I read Shlomi's intro I felt 
uneasy, but even having come this far in my own personal development, I 
was not going to say anything. I was brought up to be seen and not 
heard. I have been around in women's groups and was one of a founding 
members of a women's paper Bad Attitude (UK one) years ago. The name was 
chosen because we wanted to be on the face of those who kept telling us 
that we had a bad attitude when we could not take all the jokes and 
abusive language and behaviour quietly. Even there I was the oldest and 
not the most up front in my behaviour and attitude. But I really liked 
to see that the younger women can speak up and are able to tell off and 
boot out all those who are unable to learn better language and 
behaviour. I am really proud of my daughters who are able to stand up 
against that kind of thing. And I am proud of you all on this list. So 
pleased to be one of you quietly in the background.

Can I just say one little thing at the end. I got an e-mail from my pv 
installer's son who was helping pers father to install the system here a 
couple of years ago. Per was interested in computers and we talked a lot 
about Linux. I was using Suse at the time. I gave per a live cd. Per has 
now installed a Suse Linux along pers Microsoft thingi. I am now telling 
per about Ubuntu. Per is a web designer. This whole thing made me so 
pleased. All my talk of Linux is worth it!

With best wishes to you all from very proud and pleased Imppu

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