[UbuntuWomen] Introducing Myself : Shlomi Fish

Miriam Ruiz miriam at debian.org
Thu Jun 5 20:35:03 UTC 2008

Hi Shlomi,

I won't really comment extensively on your post, it would be too long.
I'll make it as short as possible:

* I have right the opposite point of view about LinuxChix than you. It
is an open and friendly group. I have learnt a lot from them and I'm
still doing. And in case you have problems with them (us), which I
know you did, I don't think it's nice to come here to critizicing
other people or groups.
* You're a Mandriva user, which is great, but I don't know what
relationship might that have with Ubuntu. It's also not clear from
your message why you have joined Ubuntu Women's mailing list instead
of more general Ubuntu ones.
* There are bigger problems in the world. Right. What are you trying
to tell us with that? That we don't have to fight to fix other
problems which are important to us?
* Even though I appreciate that you probably try to help, I think you
should try to listen a bit more. Both from what you say about your
problems with LinuxChix and your suggestions on how you think we
should behave and feel seem to show that you're paying more attention
to your own ideas than to the real situation and feelings of us.
* Please, don't tell us what we MUST do to solve our problems. One of
the key points to be taken into account is that we're as capable of
knowing what to do and how to do it as anyone else. Don't try to save
us from ourselves. We're not little kids that need to constantly be
taken care of.
* About your philosophy of promoting women, well, it seems to be right
the opposite than mine, especially when you say that we have to cope
with abuse. We don't. No one should ever be abused.
* If someone feels some terms as derogatory and politely tells you to
avoid them, you might want to try to understand what that person might
be feeling and why, and avoid making her/him feel bad. Stubbornly
arguing that you're right and that it's their fault for being too
sensitive and for overreacting is definitely not the best way to go.
* I know there might be a language barrier in the communication for
not being a native English speaker. I'm not either. That can lead to
misunderstandings, of course, but often people are polite enough to
correct you so that it won't keep happening again and again.


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