[UbuntuWomen] Fw: Women's Logo

Carol Meertens mouz at xs4all.nl
Mon Jul 21 10:15:54 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jul 21, 2008 at 03:31:25AM +0100, Vid.A wrote:
> Would it be possible to have the ubuntu font for the word "women"?

There has been talk about a relevant problem with the font on the
ubuntu-art mailing list.  I'm not sure what's been said exactly,
because my English is not that well and I do not know enough about
fonts to deduce what is said.

Please have a look at:

It maybe it says the 'real' font is only available in the letters that
are in 'ubuntu'. I'm not sure why he's not suggesting the font in the
archives (which has all letters) for both the words.  But I think his
idea to use handwritten words could result in a very beautiful,
professional logo. All: I'd like your opinions about that.

Please also have look on the next message on that list, easily
accessable from that same webinterface. My opinion is the thoughts are
very promising, while the attachment is ugly. But that last fact might
be on purpose (again my poor English plays a role).

Direct link to that post:


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