[UbuntuWomen] launchpad icon?

akke hoekstra akke at ubuntu-nl.org
Thu Jul 17 15:07:29 UTC 2008

> > But since the icon is a graphic and therefore any symbol/image could be
> > included, why not use the female gender symbol itself rather than
> > the "+" ?  I presume many more people would recognise it.
> >
> Relevancy. IIUC, that is the main idea behind keeping the "+" under
> the generic Ubuntu logo. It says, UW is a sub-project, part of the
> main Ubuntu community, and welcomes all internationally (since we have
> not changed the colours, loco teams keep their national flag colours,
> but i dunno what the art team will comeup with finally) ; which may
> not be the same if we use a common gender symbol.  What do you all
> think?
> --
> Vid
Hmz.... I prefer the upper icon.
It resembles not only the entire Ubuntu-community, male and female together
but it also shows that we are a sub-project of Ubuntu.
I wouldn t prefer an icon that resembles women only.
I enjoy the fact that Ubuntu-women doesn't exclude men. Usually I appreciate
their input.
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