[UbuntuWomen] How has the Code of Conduct helped you?

akke hoekstra akke at ubuntu-nl.org
Wed Jul 2 10:18:43 UTC 2008

I m afraid you re right: being rude doesn t seem to be a problem.
And to me that, in itself,  is a problem.

What else do we have the CoC for? Is it something more than just a nice
We lost some really good volunteers because of this.
And the question is: who do you choose for? The ones who are leaving or the
ones who think they have the right to be unpolite?

Of course: in Ubuntu we should all be equal, but are we?
"All animals are *equal*, but some animals are more *equal* than others"
Are people who have contributed a lot to Ubuntu more entitled to behave
improperly than those who haven't made so many contributions yet?

Brrrrrrr..... it's the old question of the abuse of power again, I m afraid.


2008/7/2 Vid. A <vid at svaksha.com>:

> >
> > How has the Code of Conduct helped you?
> Here are my personal observations which I had meant to blog about for
> some months now but......., and for those who've heard me say this
> before, i'll try to keep it short :
> 0] imho people need to be polite and helpful, period ; instead of
> blindly signing the CoC (see #1) just to get the Ubuntu membership and
> flouting the CoC because they _can_ get away with it and often do, in
> an obtuse way(see #2).
> 1] Over time, the CoC signing has become a ritual leading to (the
> status symbol?) : the ubuntu membership (with perks like and
> @ubuntu.com mail id and the irc cloak, etc...). So while the Ubuntu
> membership entry is simple, the exit for negative behaviour is still
> not in Black 'N White and action is taken only when _many_ people
> complain.... kinda sad.  I'd rather not go into specifics since all of
> us here are aware of them but ignore it(?).
> 2] Sometimes its exactly zero standards (or maybe "different"
> standards?), so if the CoC is being applied in an obtuse kind of way
> the crux of the problem remains unresolved. If its all talk and no
> action, then its definitely not very motivating for volunteers and
> just perhaps the CoC implementation is b0rken.
> That said, for the larger part the community has grown phenomenally,
> attracted a lot of new blood, which is simply fantastic. One would not
> find this growth in any other community in such a short span of time
> but on closer observation, over the years (far too) many old-timers
> have left (for various reasons, best known to them) and that is
> Ubuntu's loss.
> If the attrition rate in the commercial industry is worrisome, in the
> volunteer community its precious and worth keeping an eye over. So i'd
> love to see #1 & 2 change and #0 as the norm, thence making the CoC
> redundant.
> /end thinking out loud.
> ...and thanks for listening !
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