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Emma Jane Hogbin emmajane at xtrinsic.com
Wed Jan 23 21:23:13 UTC 2008

(I've removed whole chunks only because my response is that I don't know
enough to comment, but I hope others will be comment on your original

Vid Ayer wrote:
> On Jan 21, 2008 9:37 AM, Emma Jane Hogbin <emmajane at xtrinsic.com> wrote:
>> Ideally I would also like to build on the talk that was given last year
>> on Ubuntu Women with a panel discussion with group members...
> The "why UW exists" phase should be translated into a showcasing of
> actual work done since it will help convince others (including
> nay-sayers) easily. It will be easier to explain about the UW project
> (and therein ourselves) by showcasing the technical work that women
> have contributed so far. We need to build on the technical aspects,
> which involves roping in more women who are involved in any work like
> : packaging, artwork, bug squashing, documentation, translation, <add
> whatever technical task you do in free software vis-a-vis Ubuntu here>
> and promote them. It marketing parlance, an actual software product
> demo convinces clients faster, more than mere words or glossy
> pictures.


>> Goal at least three visibly active women in all core Ubuntu projects.
> Since core Ubuntu projects involves technical expertise, we need to
> assimilate data on :
> - all the women currently involved in which team/project in the
> community, like testing, bugs, art, blah.....
> - create a plan to "up the ante" (increase the participation), rope in
> new contributors, monitor progress and plug holes if any.
> - sustain, maintain and track interest levels from the entry to task
> completion.

Please see the transcript from the IRC meeting and the ToDo list. The
beginnings are already typed up and need to be fleshed out... it would
be great to have a single place where the ideas are compiled as well as
having the discussion on the list.


>> 1.1.2 Ubuntu Women will work with Ubuntu governing bodies to identify
>> suitable candidates for all leadership roles.
>> Goal 50% women on all governing bodies.
> .... as in, the CC (comunity council) and TB (technical board) ? or
> regional teams and various tech teams like we have on LP ? Its not
> really clear on that page.

Please see the ToDo list. Part of what needs to be done is compiling a
list of what is meant by "core." :) I don't know what the right answer
is...but it should be noted that this is a long term goal and is
obviously based on merit, not gender alone.

> I'd love to see a 50-50 balanced scenario in the FLOSS world akin to
> the commercial industry (read, in India), but maybe that is dreaming
> the impossible :-)

We have to define the dream before we can work on the steps towards
realizing it! :)


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