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Ryan Prior ryanprior at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 03:49:13 UTC 2008

Something I think hasn't been mentioned yet is that the Ubuntu-women group's
name mirrors (and is perhaps derived from) the Debian-women group's name,
and we probably have a few members who have also been involved with
Debian-women at some point. The name similarity helps to tie the groups
together, as well as being descriptive of the group's purpose.

Tossing the whole naming issue aside, I encourage you to drum up support for
a marketing push, if you will, to encourage women to get involved with

The difficult thing is finding the right message. You can easily sound
sexist if you pull out the usual "we're marketing to women!" moves, pink
frilly web pages, and other stereotypical feminine appeals.

The ubuntu-women articles in Full Circle magazine and similar efforts can be
good to appeal to women who are already part of the Ubuntu and OSS
community, but it would be nice to find a strategy to appeal to women in the
"traditional" IT workforce, outside the realm of OSS. I don't claim to know
just what sort of marketing message would be successful in that regard, but
I think you could play up the supposed meritocracy and global support base
OSS development (and Ubuntu development in particular) gives. The best code
wins, not the best office politics - and women who are sick of playing
gender roles in office politics might respond favorably to that message.

I'm guessing into the wind though, so if anybody has thoughts, please air

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