[UbuntuWomen] UW article for Fullcircle mag

Cathy cathy at zareason.com
Sun Jan 13 03:10:37 UTC 2008

> YAY! So, um, what's the article that's being submitted?

The article is "Ubuntu Women's Upcoming Developers", discussing what we can
do to foster a skill set that is particularly valuable for this field. It's
all upbeat, all positive, and focused on Ubuntu + Women.

It's done & will be submitted in time for tomorrow's deadline, but I'm
letting it marinate overnight before I do the final tweaks. It's hard to
write such a short piece (350-400 words).

--Cathy Malmrose (I realize I have been silent in this group, so if you
don't know me and want to, I'm listed
I am very much devoted to furthering Ubuntu and also very much a girl.)

Or has the
> deadline already passed? Can the "technical" articles be submitted to
> the main magazine? Can we collectively come up with ten new ways to get
> women interested in Ubuntu and use that as the article? Or maybe this
> column is used to promote ONE member and ONE way to get more women
> involved in tech? Ideas that all genders can implement to share the
> burden of getting more women involved...
> regards,
> emma
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