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Sat Aug 23 19:21:59 UTC 2008

Hi there,

I've written an article about the Dutch and Belgian Ubuntu-communities for
the Dutch Linux Magazine.
As a result of that, they've asked me to write another article.
This time about Ubuntu-women.
Now, of course I could say I 'm too busy for things like that, but that
would be a pity ofcourse.

The thing is that, eventhough I know a bit about Ubuntu-women, there's
probably even more that I don t know. I could use some help.

I wanted to start with the flosspoll document about women in opensource.
Than try to find some arguements why it's good for a company to have some
women working there (I remember vaguely some research of an university....)
Next will probably be the reason why the IT-sector isn't able to be
appealing to women and why those women who get an IT-job, very often don t
stay there for long (thought we had something like that on this mailinglist.

So yes, there is a problem and it's not just a problem of women.

But fortunately there are small groups of women trying to encourage other
women to join the Linux-world and trying to change the masculine mentallity
in the IT-sector.
There are groups like Debian Women, L:inux-chicks and Ubuntu-women.
Is there really a difference between those groups?

When was Ubuntu women started? By who? Why? What do they do?
Does Ubuntu-women have an immediate link to the Ubuntu-top? Were they ever
succesfull in changing things? Do people like  for instance Jono Bacon
really listen to what's being said here?

What are the biggest issues for the Ubuntu-women?
I remember things like software for girls and women, women who are not taken
seriously simply because they are women, the totally different approach
women seem to have towards rude behaviour. Women just can t turn around and
act as if nothing really happened.

Ehmmm...... something like this is what it's going to be, though there's a
good chance that there'll be new ideas as soon as I start writing.

Carol already promised to read and comment the article. And ofcourse I d
love getting hints and tips of all of you.

Hope to hear some things.


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