[UbuntuWomen] Presenting myself and postdoctoral places in IPTS sevilla

alex hache alex.hache at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 14:03:39 BST 2008

Dear all,

this is the first time i write to the list, it is to send you an
announcement for 5 places to make a postdoctoral research inside the IPTS
located in Sevilla,

it might be of your interest because all places are located inside the
Information Society Unit where i begun to work 5 months ago,
it is a good place to make research, and it would be nice to have more women
involved in FLOSS issues

A part of this i am member of the activist research group located in
Catalonia, www.donestech.net
We just ended a one year and half research on how womyn uses ICT in
Catalonia and the spanish state,

we will publish some information in English very soon, i will come back to
you at this moment,
meanwhile find below the announcement ,

have a nice day

Alexandra Haché


There are here 5 Post-doctoral posts published for our Unit

Identification and Assessment of the disruptive potential of selected
Emerging IS Technologies     IPTS 80430-J04-13
Researcher on ICT-enabled Innovation in Public Services     IPTS
ICT Applications     IPTS 80430-J04-15
Socio-economic analysis of the ICT industry production and R&D, in the
Information Society     IPTS 80430-J04-16
The role of ICTs in achieving a sustainable IS     IPTS 80430-J04-17
See link here

Please note that under the new rules, the PhD is not mandatory as an
equivalent of 5 years of equivalent research experience is accepted (see

Deadline is 30th of April

Thanks in advance
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