[UbuntuWomen] This link should make everyone happy

June Bug junegeek at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 8 18:30:31 UTC 2007

There's everything but Ubuntu on that link. Why, everyone has his own choice. So a guy went up there and put some pics someone else created. Objectionable material will always be posted on the web, it only depends on how YOU take it. Besides, its jus one man's opinion. If women are so discouraged from joining the open source world, for the sexism and judging it from _one_ person's POV, then there's certainly a wrong decision there. 

I am sure many women are harrassed and treated unfairly over the world in this particular field. Its something men enjoy doing, I suppose. But then instead of cribbing about it, women should take a stand for themselves. Men have no right to ridicule women for no reason and if a woman succumbs to it, nothing like it to the man. All I am trying to say is that there are many people out there to ruin other's reputations, create false images and discourage you, but why should you even want to look there? Think about anything before you take a decision and make a choice. And yes, keep out the emotions and think rationally. Things will fall into place. I might as well get branded a sexist for this email. But I know that there's always a choice one has, and _women_ especially need to take a wise one. thats all. 

Dont fall into these purposeful traps set for you. They are not worth the time, money _or_ long threads. 


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