[UbuntuWomen] Use full real name policy

Georgia Thomson Georgia at grrl.co.uk
Tue Sep 4 19:40:10 BST 2007

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define real name. is it what your government issued id says, what your
birth certificate says, or what everyone calls you?  I'd choose the
last option over the others, as it's what you use all the time. the
others may not be how you're known.
Caroline Ford wrote:
> I know we are not suppose to sit and whinge but I decided to set up a
> ppa with some dapper backports and this involves joining the launchpad
> beta testers team.
> This has three conditions the first of which is:
> You use your full real name as your Launchpad display name.
> This is really grim, and worse than use your real name as it means
> people can't even use gender neutral abbreviations such as Alex. I note
> that Canonical's Billy Cina is a member, she's possibly lucky that she
> wasn't made to call herself Belinda.
> Trying not to just complain all the time
> Caroline

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