[UbuntuWomen] The Google Highly Open Participation Contest

Yolynne Medina yolynne at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 19:11:51 UTC 2007

thanks zak for the info =)

The Google Highly Open Participation Contest


Following on from the success of the Google Summer of Code program,
Google is pleased to announce this new effort to get young people
involved in open source development. We've teamed up with the open
source projects listed here to give student contestants the
opportunity to learn more about and contribute to all aspects of open
source software development, from writing code and documentation to
preparing training materials and conducting user experience research.

If you're a student age 13 or older who has not yet begun university
studies, we'd love to see you help out these projects. In return,
you'll learn more about all aspects of developing software - not just
programming - and you'll be eligible to win cash prizes and the all
important t-shirt! You will, of course, need your parent or guardian's
permission to participate where applicable.


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