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Sat Mar 24 21:22:48 UTC 2007

Hi Kathryn!  I'm new too.  I'm a database person too (data wrangler is the
term I prefer).  I wouldn't worry too much about the male dominated part of
the IT industry.  I'd worry about the idiot-dominated part.. people with
business degrees that spout trendy terminology but think copying and pasting
data into spreadsheets is an effective way to generate reports.
HAAHAHAHAHAHAA (and because Larry Wall won't try to shmooze them with some
fancy weekend resort extravaganza they don't even consider Perl).  Good
thing FOSS stuff really is FREE so you can focus on just getting your stuff
done and not justifying your tools to the powers that be ;D  I installed
Ubuntu on my main work machine and my managers and coworkers have been a bit
in awe about it.  I might get treated a little differently at first but once
they get a taste of my madd skillz they forget about the female part (or
maybe i get even more respect because of it?)... Work it girl!  Socially I
tend to feel a little different, but if you don't focus on the gender
differences then they usually won't either.


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> Hello everyone,
> Let me introduce myself.  I am Kathryn, I've been using Ubuntu for about
> eight months, and I've been in the Linux igloo for about a year.  I work
> as a proofreader (of English) and would like to perhaps contribute to
> the Ubuntu documentation effort.  Also, I am a student of database
> administration who worries a bit about how I'll make my way through the
> male-dominated IT world.  I'm glad I've found this group!
> Cheers,
> Kathryn
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