[UbuntuWomen] Update on the HCI/Usability effort

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at princessleia.com
Sat Mar 17 16:49:12 UTC 2007

On Sat, Mar 17, 2007 at 10:36:06PM +0600, Vid Ayer wrote:
> For starters HCI is registered as a product on Launchpad*0 which also
> integrates it with the other product (UW site).  This enables Spec
> tracking via LP.
> I rewrote the HCI wiki page*1 and linked it to the Frontpage.  As
> Elizabeth mentioned in an earlier mail*2 it is important that we keep
> things in a single place to avoid confusing newbies.

I think the reason we were just redirecting the Ubuntu-Women wiki HCI
page to the main wiki one:


was because while we are heading up the effort to create an HCI project,
but we felt that it was something outside the main scope of the
Ubuntu-Women prorject itself. 

We're hoping to just get it going and so it can take on a life of its
own within the general Ubuntu community as a whole. We didn't want to
tie it exclusively to UW.

Belinda/dinda can confirm/explain this further, I'm much less involved
with this aspect of the project as my current focus is on the Mentoring


Elizabeth Bevilacqua // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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