[UbuntuWomen] #Ubuntu-Women Meeting Notes from February 25th 15:00 UTC 2007

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at princessleia.com
Mon Feb 26 22:56:23 UTC 2007

The log and following notes are available on the wiki:

= Ubuntu-Women IRC Meeting February 25th 15:00 UTC 2007 =

pleia2 began the meeting talking about the results from the Community
Council Meeting February 13th:

 * Mark and the CC were able to contact Vid, who has been out of
  commission due to an injury for a few weeks

 * The CC decided that 4 website admins were needed to insure there was
  always access

 * Robin Sonefors was able to give pleia2 access to the website

Website business:

 * We still need 2 more administrators for the website. pleia2 nominated
  dinda become an admin, but she declined. No one else at the meeting
  was able to volunteer. After some discussion it was decided to put a
  mail out to the list to request experienced web development
  volunteers. Perhaps someone in Europe since pleia2 is in the United
  States and Vid is in India, this way we can better cover the time
  zones in case we need edits made at certain times.

 * [http://planet.ubuntu-women.org/ The Ubuntu-Women Planet] has not
  been updated in several months and there are women on the list who
  would like to contribute. pleia2 will put a call to the list for more
  female Ubuntu bloggers to add to it.

 * dinda mentioned that [http://planet.ubuntu-women.org/ The
  Ubuntu-Women Planet] is not listed on the official Ubuntu Planet,

 * pleia2 will follow up with trying to see how we can be added.

 * Other minor changes to the planet were discussed.

 * Due to all the [http://www.ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=76
  Ubuntu-Women Forum] support and involvement, it was discussed at a
  previous meeting that the Ubuntu-Women forums should be linked in the
  main menu of Ubuntu-Women.org - this was done.

 * Susana suggested adding [http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Links Links]
  from the wiki to the main menu on the website - this was done.

 * dinda suggested waiting on other structural changes until the new
  Ubuntu.com website is released - we can get ideas and stay consistent
  with their structure.

 * pleia2 will continue updating contact info and basic grammatical and
  factual errors on the site.

Mentoring Project:

 * The mentoring project has stalled

 * Restructuring of becoming a mentor in the mentoring project needs to

  * We will stick with the method of having potential mentors post
   answers to the [http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/MentoringSurvey
   Mentoring Survey] on list, discussion about their qualifications
   will be discussed on list

  * We will set up a panel of people off-list who can be contacted if
   there is a problem with a potential mentor that someone might not
   want to talk about in public

  * We will now require mentors to be Ubunteros - this way they are
   bound by the CoC but it's not as restrictive as requiring them to be
   Ubuntu Members

 * Some reworking of the website needs to be done to reflect the changes
  to the mentoring procedure

 * pleia2 suggested having a section of the Mentoring wiki devoted to
  women looking for mentors: "where women can say 'I need a mentor on
  this' potential mentors may be more likely to offer their services,
  knowing they are actually wanted"

 * dinda suggested that the [http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/Courses
  Courses] project be rolled into mentoring.

 * We will have monthly IRC meetings on the 15th of each month for

  * These will either be:

   * Courses conducted by mentors in specific fields (this can also lead
    to more one-on-one mentoring, exposure for both the mentor and
    those looking for a mentor)
   * Discussions and Feedback about the way the mentoring program is
    going in general and what adjustments should/can be made, if any.
 * The time for these IRC meetings will change monthly, depending on
   the availability of the Mentor

 * The [http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ToDo ToDo] page was discussed.

  * Much of this page is part of Mentoring/Courses, it is a very good
   idea but we'd like to integrate it in with the projects we have
   going on. 

  * Some of the mentoring specific elements will be moved to
   Mentoring/Courses, and some of the syntax will be changed. 

  * We encourage the women who began this page to help with this effort!

 * At the end of the day, we want our mentoring program to be easy for
  all parties involved to understand and use.

dinda brought up the Membership Drive and Presentation for
[http://www.internationalwomensday.com/ IWD] on March 8th

 * Yolynne/ulinskie and NurseGirl are heading up this effort.

 * Nightrose was the only one at the meeting directly involved with
  this, but she is not leading it.

 * The goal is to get more women exposed to Ubuntu-Women, signed up for
  Ubuntu-Women and our Launchpad team, become Ubunteros and otherwise
  get involve with Ubuntu.

 * The other part of the project is gathering profiles and pictures of
  female Ubuntu Members others involved to increase visibility.

 * During this conversation it was suggested that a Course we can do
  should be about GPG and how to use it to sign the CoC

Quick HCI update from dinda:

 * dinda "contacted Troy Sobotka with the Artwork team and new
  Ubun2Design team to try to coordinate efforts"

 * HCI is a project started by Ubuntu-Women but for the entire Ubuntu
  community, dinda added a link to the
  [https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HCI_Resources main HCI page] to the
  [http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/HCI HCI page on our wiki] to avoid
  duplication of effort.

 * We are still targeting the next release to get the HCI/Usability Team

 * dinda said she'd "rather keep the HCI stuff moving slow and steady
  since there are already similar things in process"

pleia2 and dinda discussed details for CC meeting on February 26th:

 * LoCo team status to be sorted out

 * Potential linking of our wiki to the main Ubuntu Wiki

The old Wiki

 * There is still a wiki for Ubuntu Women on wiki.ubuntu.com!

 * pleia2 explained that although there is a link to the new site, the
  out-dated content was never removed

  * "the only reason we didn't just delete all the content (it has been
   moved to the new site) is because of the translation work ...
   english versions of it were moved, but we haven't backed up the

  * pleia2 did not have the correct charsets installed previously to
   head up this effort

  * We'd "feel bad about just deleting all the work that has been done
   already if we do choose to do translations again"

 * This needs to be done, pleia2 now has the proper charsets and will
  organize a plan to archive the old translations, clear out the old
  wiki, and put up the correct redirects to the new site.

 * Susana volunteered to help out.

Elizabeth Bevilacqua // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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