[UbuntuWomen] GNOME - making a dynamic wallpaper

Brianna Laugher brianna.laugher at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 06:05:39 UTC 2007

Hello! Just looking for a quick bit of advice.

I am involved with Wikimedia Commons, which is a free-licensed media
repository run by the Wikimedia Foundation (who also run Wikipedia).
One of the users has created a page that automatically updates with
each day's "picture of the day". See:

So I would like to set my desktop to be
for example, so it will update each day.

there are some instructions for KDE here -

and I also found an interesting script for a GNOME 'wallpaper
randomiser' http://gnome-hacks.web.com/hacks.html?id=69

I know some Python and can kind of fudge my way around shell
scripting, but not very well.

Any tips?
I'm running GNOME on a Fedora Core 6 at work, and GNOME/Ubuntu (Breezy
I think) at home.

thanks in advance for any advice!


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