[UbuntuWomen] HCI [was] Community Council Meeting 26 Feb 2300 UTC

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 08:57:42 UTC 2007


On 2/21/07, Belinda A. Lopez <dinda at mac.com> wrote:
> Two other issues I would like some input from the group on:
> 1.) The wiki - I've asked the CC (Elmo) to look into making a bridge
> from the main wiki into the UW wiki.  Currently the UW wiki is
> separate from the main wiki and thus searches in one do not yield
> results in the other.

This (search results) is true for all wiki's being hosted by every
loco team.  FWIW, discussions about having a wiki was discussed almost
a year ago (please check the mailing list archives).

> think they can just be linked.  My main goal in this is to not
> duplicate efforts; i.e. if we create a page in UW, someone might also
> create a similar page in the main wiki not knowing about our
> resources.

This has also been discussed (check the mailing list archives please)
and if you check the main wiki, I have updated the pages a long time
ago (May 2006, to be precise :-)).

> 2.)  Should the Ubuntu Women's project be considered a Loco Team?

UW has members from all over the world and imho it (UW) is not a loco
team, since geographical location is used to determine the
identification of a loco team. I am not sure we really need to worry
about tagging UW under a specific name per se. But if folks are
particular, please note that we are listed here :

Today, we really need to see if how much UW members (women ) are able
to contribute to the Ubuntu-Linux community as a whole across
cultural, geographical and technical barriers or other differences
that we usually face.

> asked this question of the CC last week and I think it was overlooked
> a bit.  When I asked the Loco Team Contacts list for some assistance
> last week, the list went a bit nuts with arguments both for an
> against us being considered a Loco Team.  Truthfully, I never really
> gave it much thought, as it didn't seem to matter.  If we are a Loco
> then we have the similar structure and access to resources as other
> teams.  One of the folks told me that as a Project we actually had
> higher status but I'm not sure if  know the distinction at this
> point.  Frankly, it makes no difference to me but if others have
> strong feelings one way or another, please discuss.

I read your mail to that list and I think some of the responses
(Matthew East, in particular) were correct.  Frankly, as I mentioned
above such things dont really matter in the larger perspective but I
respect the opinions of people who think otherwise.

There was a lot of talk about forming a HCI (team/project?) but
apparently it has lost steam so here is a wiki page for all of us to
work on and make it a reality.


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