[UbuntuWomen] Community Council Meeting 26 Feb 2300 UTC

Belinda A. Lopez dinda at mac.com
Wed Feb 21 00:03:00 UTC 2007

Just to update the group on this process.  The CC is trying to  
contact Vid to check on her availability to keep working on the  
project.  Lyz will helping with Launchpad and UW website admin once  
we get the access issues worked out.  They have us down on the agenda  
for the next meeting, not sure what more info they are looking for  
but I'll be there and hop Lyz can be there as well.

Two other issues I would like some input from the group on:
1.) The wiki - I've asked the CC (Elmo) to look into making a bridge  
from the main wiki into the UW wiki.  Currently the UW wiki is  
separate from the main wiki and thus searches in one do not yield  
results in the other.  We discussed this on IRC a few times and we  
think they can just be linked.  My main goal in this is to not  
duplicate efforts; i.e. if we create a page in UW, someone might also  
create a similar page in the main wiki not knowing about our  
resources.  I had thought we might merge the two but I think a bridge  
will accomplish the same thing so I am asking for that to be done at  
the server level.

2.)  Should the Ubuntu Women's project be considered a Loco Team?  I  
asked this question of the CC last week and I think it was overlooked  
a bit.  When I asked the Loco Team Contacts list for some assistance  
last week, the list went a bit nuts with arguments both for an  
against us being considered a Loco Team.  Truthfully, I never really  
gave it much thought, as it didn't seem to matter.  If we are a Loco  
then we have the similar structure and access to resources as other  
teams.  One of the folks told me that as a Project we actually had  
higher status but I'm not sure if  know the distinction at this  
point.  Frankly, it makes no difference to me but if others have  
strong feelings one way or another, please discuss.

And finally, almost exactly one year after signing the Code of  
Conduct I put my name up for Ubuntu Membership!  I've built the  
required wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BelindaLopez and  
welcome your testimonials to my continued community contributions.   
Please feel free to stop by the CC meeting if you have time to cheer  
me on.

Thanks to all!

IRC:  dinda

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