[UbuntuWomen] Sarah Hobbs Elected to IRC Council

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at princessleia.com
Thu Feb 15 21:08:32 UTC 2007

Not to jump ahead of that project going on to profile women doing work
in Ubuntu, but I just had to share this news.

It was announced on the ubuntu-irc mailing list that Sarah Hobbs
(Hobbsee in IRC) has been elected to the very small and selective IRC


Sarah is an Ubuntu Member has been a fantastic contributor to the
Kubuntu project (among so many other things, she is on the Kubuntu
Community Council), her wiki page explains it well:


She's a great role model, started using Linux in 2005 with Ubuntu and
has achieved so much!

Congrats Sarah!

Elizabeth Bevilacqua // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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