[UbuntuWomen] Take Back The Tech - Global ICT based campaign of women against violence

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 *Take Back The Tech*
*http://www.takebackthetech.net/ *
Take Back The Tech: an action of collaborative campaign to reclaim
information & communications technologies (ICTs) to end violence against
women (VAW).
This is a call to everyone - especially girls and women - to take control of
ICTs and consciously use it to change power relations between men and women.
This call is for 16 Days (Nov 25 – Dec 10), to enable users to employ ICTs
for activism against VAW.
*What are the goals of this action?*
·         Build knowledge on how VAW is connected with ICTs, based on
diverse experiences and realities.
·         Support and promote local actions, priorities and advocacy issues
on VAW & ICTs in different spaces and contexts.
·         Collaboratively create strategies on using ICTs tactically to
counter VAW.
·         Changing the landscape, potential & paradigm of ICTs through
active participation.
·         To facilitate movement building on the human rights of women in
relation to the field of ICTs.


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