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Sulamita Garcia sulamita at linuxchix.org.br
Mon Aug 20 00:22:14 UTC 2007

> You are correct, there was no public apology from the UWN staff, which
> is quite unfortunate but not terribly surprising given the stage
> Ubuntu is in now when it comes to women. Men who speak out for women
> right now are routinely attacked within the community for doing so,
> ask any guy who's posted a pro-female blog entry lately. There are
> still men standing up for us, but they understand that taking such a
> stance is not popular and they will be required to spend some time
> defending themselves.

Well, you know... if they would be just applauded, we would not need any
*women group... But maybe it is good for them to realize that this is
really an issue, not just something we are ranting about. And maybe you
should do the same thing, show to those guys that you appreciate what they
said in their blogs.

> What we need to do is continue to stand up for ourselves, like I did
> when I wrote to the list. Within time we'll have more support and
> these problems should go away. Perhaps even public apologies for these
> things will become more common as well :)

I hope so. I "would love to be also one of the 'human beings' that
supposable, Ubuntu is for"[1].

> public about it, but I can't /force/ them to be. I'd rather have a
> private apology than nothing, and nothing is what we'll get if we try
> to push too hard :(

You can't force them, but also you can't expect to more women don't have
the same impression I have. You are in a very delicate position, I don't
envy you :)

> I did my best to tell others that this had occurred. Again, within
> time people will be more likely to speak out with more public
> apologies, we just need to keep chipping away at it.

You're doing a great job. I know it takes time, but sometimes it's still
hard for me when we need to explain the same old things and wait for the
slowly changes... urgh.

> I also want to encourage you and others to subscribe to more lists.
> One of the best things we can do to shift the tides in Ubuntu is get
> more visibly involved. My direct and very loud involvement in my LoCo
> team has been transformational for the group when it comes to women,
> we have several female members, and it's growing every month! So join
> some more lists, hop on IRC and join the main Ubuntu channels and get
> involved with the community. It'll help you get a handle on how things
> in F/OSS work, and give you more insight into how Ubuntu-Women can
> move forward with our goals.

The best way to convince still is showing example. I encourage all you to
do this :D as I can't. I've unsubscribed of so many mailing lists last
year because I was just receiving mails with no time to read it. I bet you

But again, you gals are doing a great job. Anytime you need to call for
backup, you know where to find it :)

[0] http://sulamita.linuxchix.org.br/index.php/dear-ubuntu-marketing-team/

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