[UbuntuWomen] Ubuntu Open Week: Ubuntu-Women Presentations

Dinda balopez at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 13:28:14 UTC 2007

Yesterday's session was very well received (imho) and there were tons
of great questions as well some classic examples in the
ubuntu-classroom-chat channel of exactly why we still need this
project.  There will be logs of the presentations posted up soon and I
hope there is a log somewhere of the chat channels as well.  Much of
the early comments from surprised guys of the "there are women in
ubuntu?  wtf?" flavor and other less than encouraging non-examples of
welcoming behavior.  But the majority were great and I hope to see
more of you there in the discussion channel for the next session on 26
April at 1500 UTC.

I guess it still surprises that 1.) so many men seem genuinely shocked
to discover there are women in IT/FOSS/Ubuntu/IRC, 2.) that many folks
still think "let's make it pink" and that will help encourage women to
use Ubuntu or even worse and I'm paraphrasing in both cases, "Let's
make it simpler to use b/c so many women are not interested  in
technical things/Linux/IT/etc.."  I don't need it "simpler"  I need it
better and better does not always equal simpler, it means better.  But
before I get on  a rant,  I'm going to go track down the session logs
so I can post some of the better questions to the group as I really do
need your input.



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