[UbuntuWomen] Wiki and Planet Updates

Elizabeth Bevilacqua lyz at princessleia.com
Sat Apr 21 11:20:04 UTC 2007

First off, Susana got email interaction working with the Ubuntu-Women
Wiki[1]. Thanks Susana! You can now subscribe to pages on the wiki and
get email notification when there are changes.

If you'd like to get notifications when ANY of the pages are modified go
into UserPreferences and in the "Subscribed wiki pages (one regex per
line)" put: .*

We certainly could use more people subscribed, we've had a couple of
spam runs hit the wiki over the past couple months and getting those
reversed as quickly as possible is important.

The Planet[2] update is just a small one - we're finally listed in the
"Ubuntu Solar System" over on planet.ubuntu.com! Thanks to Nick Moffitt
for setting this up :)

And as always with the UW Planet, if you want your blog listed on it
just drop me a line.

[1] http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org
[2] http://planet.ubuntu-women.org



Elizabeth Bevilacqua // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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