[UbuntuWomen] Some will never learn...

t u towsonu2003 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 23:15:42 BST 2007


Melissa Draper wrote:
> [snip] That is all that was asked for in the blog post
> you referred to, we need to provide a balanced perspective.

I think you should read the comments of the blog. Jono Bacon is showing
a lack of understanding of what really is going on (let alone his
understanding of diversity). And that's problematic especially because
he is high up in the Canonical company hierarhcy.

> On Thursday, I spoke over the issue, your issue, with Jono Bacon and the
> Ubuntu-UK Contact, the two people you mentioned in your email on that
> day. Neither were impressed with the comments you made about them in the
> publicly viewable forum that is this list. They were both quite
> disappointed with the way you spoke about them, without having consulted
> either beforehand.

I think this is an unfortunate paragraph. the ubuntu-uk contact (I
presume the admin) is, afaik, the person that needs to apologize. He is
also the person who failed to reinforce the CoC. Jono Bacon, on the
other hand, needs to revisit his understanding of diversity and
oppression / privilege. I provided him with scholarly material to read
about the social function of humor in his blog...

Instead, talking about these two people's disappointment with Caroline
Ford, to me, is plain old intimidation. My observation is that we are
expecting them to perceive their behavior for what it is (however subtle
it may be),. We're not expecting them to be impressed etc...

> I am personally quite disappointed at the things you have said about
> Jono, of lacking impartiality and not complying with the CoC. It may be
> perceived that I am taking a side here. I am. I am taking the side of
> someone who I've worked with intensively since September, and is someone
> who I consider to be both a friend and a mentor.
> Looking over the past week, and I say this as respectfully as it is
> possible to do so, I can see that you yourself have not been entirely
> respectful - having said things about others without having first
> properly consulted them.

You know -being disrespected, discriminated against, and intimidated
would make me curse as well. It seems to me that by scrutinizing
Caroline Ford's emotional reaction to being discriminated against, we
are not only blaming the victim, we are also point out to a scapegoat
instead of solving the problem at hand...

> So please, and this is to everyone on the list, if you have a problem
> with someone, talk to the person. 

I have to disagree. If that someone is a ubuntu-related mailing list
admin or a higher-up worker of Canonical, the community should be made
aware of what is going on. I personally appreciate Caroline Ford's
bravery in pointing us to her experiences of discrimination.

If no one points us to problems, those problems will get bigger and
become the essence of the community / culture...

It's like a major software bug. If you write code on top of that bug, it
will be too late to fix it after some time (see MS).

t u

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