[UbuntuWomen] Feedback on a new spec (promoting linux on public domain)

Ursula A. Kallio uak at nerp.net
Sat Nov 4 00:54:36 UTC 2006

Hi t u,

This issue would exist if this person switched between an OS to any other 
OS and does not strike me as a Linux-specific issue. A person is 
comfortable with a computer mostly because s/he is used to it. Her 
position extends beyond Linux. Any software on any OS changes from release 
to release.
> The reason I am sending this to ubuntu-women (of which I am a member of)
> is to get your thoughts on her complaints about Linux.
[I read her input as coming from a valid perspective rather than a 
> I have to be upfront from the beginning that I am a computer dummy,
I sincerely wonder why she has this perspective. From a different angle, a 
person would not proclaim that they do not know how to read.

Perhaps she can take a computer class.

Hope that helps!,


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