[UbuntuWomen] I am new here

Catharina Bethlehem cath at freelancenetwerk.nl
Fri May 12 13:30:43 UTC 2006


I am Catharina from the Netherlands. To be hones, I had my doubts about 
joining this list because I am not very technical with computers.. I 
just like the principles of free software and I think Ubuntu is one of 
the best linux distro's for "normal people". Me and my boyfriend  just 
start to sell open source laptops and pc's. We sell to everyone that 
wants one but  our main focus is on small businesses and for now we 
chose Ubuntu and Debian as our standard distro's.

So my interest in open source is mainly principal but I think for 
products like Ubuntu not only the technical development is important but 
also marketing/promotion to the general public and maybe that is 
something that I can help with so that is why I've joined your group.

Next to the computer selling we also run some websites but they are 
mostly in dutch. We also have international plans but later more on that. 


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