[ubuntu-women] introduction

Ursula A. Kallio uak at nerp.net
Tue Mar 7 23:26:35 UTC 2006

> Le lundi 06 mars 2006 à 21:26 -0800, Ursula A. Kallio a écrit :
>> I am developing a documentation
>> infrastructure that includes things such as DocBook DTD, XML, XSLT, and
>> xsltproc that runs on Linux (Ubuntu).
> I'm interested by your project. :)
> Do you have any URL ?

It is for my job, so no URL, sorry.  However, I have thought about 
extending my documentation skills to an open source project if I have 
time.  That way, I can continue to learn new things, solidify what I know 
about these tools, and meet new people.  :)

One thought I had was to somehow incorporate DocBook into a blog.


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