[UbuntuWomen] introduction

donna metzlar donna at genderchangers.org
Sun Jul 16 13:10:19 UTC 2006


I've just subscribed to this list and would like to introduce myself.

I'm 37, live with my partner in Rotterdam and work as a junior system and
network administrator for a manufacturing company in the Netherlands. The
work is with Microsoft products however personally I use Ubuntu. In
addition I promote free and open source technology by working as a
volunteer for the ASCII hacklab in Amsterdam and am a leading member of
the GenderChangers group, the annual Eclectic Tech Carnvival and the
SysterServer - a server run entirely by women (professional as well as
apprentice sysadmins), hosting mailinglists and websites for women's

I was born and grew up in Cape Town, but after graduating from the
University of Cape Town I left for the Netherlands, where my family comes
from. I used to be a nurse but 6 years ago I decided to follow my passion
for computers and work in the field full-time.

I notice I'm getting more and more interested in Ubuntu so I decided to
join in; this list is my starting point :).



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