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Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at princessleia.com
Sun Jul 16 11:00:39 UTC 2006

This email brings up a few things I need to clarify about the survey.

On Sat, Jul 15, 2006 at 11:51:47PM +0530, Anurag wrote:
> I've tried to answer the questions mentioned on the wiki.
> >What areas are you able to mentor in?
> I could answer questions about administring debian, ubuntu based
> servers and questions about web applications in PHP.

We are not looking for mentors to teach women to use Ubuntu. As Vid explained
and is we explain in detail on the Mentoring page[1], this program is about
contributing directly to Ubuntu.

I've added a note to the Mentoring Survey asking that applicants read the
Mentoring page and the Mentoring FAQ.

> >What are your thoughts on the importance and usefulness of the
> >Ubuntu-Women Project?
> I dont have much opinion, to be really frank. To me ubuntu-men and
> ubuntu-women would be same. I am not much of a ``sexual bias''
> activist. It may be noted that i've worked as a visiting faculty at a
> women's university in mumbai.

I am not going to spend the time explaining to another person that gender bias
exists. If you don't feel the need to recongnise it that's fine, but coming to
a -woman group and asking to be involved when you do not support our goals is

As was explained in the first part of the MentoringSurvey, one of the goals of
the survey is "confirming that mentors we recommend on our website are
interested in the goals of the Ubuntu-Women project"

We only support mentors who support us.



Elizabeth A. Krumbach // Lyz at PrincessLeia.com

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