[UbuntuWomen] Mentoring Survey

Anurag anurag at web.gnuer.org
Sat Jul 15 18:21:47 UTC 2006

I've tried to answer the questions mentioned on the wiki.

> What areas are you able to mentor in?

I could answer questions about administring debian, ubuntu based
servers and questions about web applications in PHP.

> How long have you been involved with Ubuntu? What are your
> achievements?

I am not involved with the Ubuntu project, and i do not have any
Ubuntu specific achievements. Ubuntu is however my distribution of
choice. My students in Mumbai University are given training on ubuntu

> What part of the world are you located in (it may be easier to
> mentor someone in your region due to time zone issues)?

Mumbai, India

> What is your preferred form of communication for mentoring
> (IRC/email/forum)?

IRC (anurag/devmodem @ freenode)

> What are your thoughts on the importance and usefulness of the
> Ubuntu-Women Project?

I dont have much opinion, to be really frank. To me ubuntu-men and
ubuntu-women would be same. I am not much of a ``sexual bias''
activist. It may be noted that i've worked as a visiting faculty at a
women's university in mumbai.


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