Ubuntu-Women Goals (was: [UbuntuWomen] (No, you're not... :))

Chantal Rosmuller chantal at antenna.nl
Sun Jul 2 07:41:06 UTC 2006

Hi everyone, 

I would like to add something to this discussion, I am also a member of linux 
chix which is also a list for supporting women in computing, this whole 
discussion about the goals of the list got me wandering why I personally made 
the choice of joining both these lists, and the answer I came up with was 
this one: I don't know many women that are involved in computing and I 
definitely don't know any in real life that work with linux, so joining these 
lists is a way for me to get to know women with similar interests ( I suppose 
it is natural to want to meet people you have something in common with). I 
already meet men who are involved in computing and/or linux on a daily basis 
because of the work I do. So for me it is not about "avoiding pissing 
contests" or excluding men or something it is just for fun I guess?

greetings Chantal 

   On Friday 30 June 2006 22:04, Vid Ayer wrote:
> Hi
> On 6/30/06, Jeannie <jeanniekb at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Hmmm, how can I make myself more clear.
> > What attracted ME to a womens users group is the HOPE that I would be
> > able to get clear and understandable answers to my technical questions.
> The goal of UW is to get more women involved in technical aspects
> (like writing code to create software or do packaging, bugs triaging
> and write technical doc's, and so on). These activities need some
> basic technical knowledge and
> As others have said, Ubuntu-users having problems with using the
> software have an *exclusive* list dedicated to this purpose along with
> IRC and Forums, where people with more experience and knowledge are
> available.
> Almost always the atmosphere on Ubuntu is "polite and helpful" but
> there are always exceptions and even people who have signed the CoC
> can cross the line, very rare but not impossible. Personally, I find
> its easier to identify it as a typical human attitude and move on but
> > Pease don't deny me MY opinions, I wont deny you yours.
> ... Definitely not. We all have different experiences and that
> certainly was not the intention. Here you will find many men who
> support women in UW trying to remove the barriers (if any) as opposed
> to creating new ones.
> I hope the brief explaination about UW has cleared any doubts and if
> you want to get involved see this page on how to get started :
> http://www.ubuntu-women.org/getinv.html
> Its not exhaustive list but if you have more questions about
> volunteering, feel free to ask here and we can share and learn
> something new in the process.
> --
> Vid


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