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Romana Branden timelady at gmail.com
Fri Dec 15 22:48:26 UTC 2006

Yolynne Medina wrote:
> On 12/14/06, *Meg Kurdziolek* <meg.kurdziolek at gmail.com
> <mailto:meg.kurdziolek at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     1.) I would be happy to help organize and participate in a monthly
>     Ubuntu Women's chat. I know that it would be difficult to find a
>     time for *everyone* to meet (as Lyz mentioned), but maybe we could
>     make the chats themed and we could work out times just between those
>     really interested in that monthly topic. Some possible themes could
>     be: New Contributos, Web Applications, HCI, Education, Job
>     Searching/Professional Issues, etc.... 
> What if we try to do it per region, like asians can do the chatting at a
> certain time and all in europe and in other continents will do the
> same.  Even if we are only few, we can start already in this manner..
> then we post whatever collaboration and ideas that were exchanged on the
> mailing list for comments, since I  have noticed that the mailing list
> is more active than the channel. What do you think girls?

I am in Australia, definitely one of the hardest time zones to find
people on, but I would cheerfully get up in the middle of the night once
a month:) (After having five kids, getting up is second nature;)  )

>     2.)I also think an HCI focused group would be a great idea,
>     especially if we teamed up with Desktop Team. We could set up a
>     system of sorts so we could evaluate user comments and concerns and
>     how those issues could be brought into redesign of applications in
>     the future... Just some ideas :)
>     ~Meg

I would be highly interested in a HCI team. I have worked so much with
training users to use Ubuntu (I ran, until recent retirement from it, a
not for profit that donated recycled computers with Ubuntu on them, to
low income groups, individuals, and communities). Seeing their needs
really has focused my ideas on what people need for easy computer
interaction, especially the none-to-minimal experienced individuals.

My 2 cents worth, r:)
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