[UbuntuWomen] Another Introduction

Meg Kurdziolek meg.kurdziolek at gmail.com
Tue Dec 12 01:14:36 UTC 2006

Hello to All!

I've been lurking on this list for quite awhile, and I felt that I should
finally make my introduction.

My name is Meg and I am currently a graduate student in Computer Science at
Virginia Tech. My focus is Human Computer Interaction and I'm a total
usability nerd. (I have a webpage at http://filebox.vt.edu/~mdickey/ if
anyone is interested). My research revolves around applications and
technology use for educational purposes. (Maybe I should see what I could
contribute to Edubuntu?) I'm also a VERY active member in our VT chapter of
the Association for Women in Computing.

I've been using Ubuntu for several months now and I really like it. I'm
finding it really easy to keep my system up to date and install packages
that I need.  I have used Mandrake, Fedora Core, and Gentoo before for brief
periods of time,  but Ubuntu is definitely my favorite thus far.

I am very good with C/C++ and Java, and I've also been teaching myself
Python when I have some free time. I *wish* I had more experience with
things like PHP and mysql. I got an 'A' in the Unix class at school, but
besides learning how to write a few simple scripts I don't think I got much
out of it.

I am finding three barriers of my own that are preventing me from joining in
on an open source project or starting any of my own:
1.) I don't know if I'm skilled enough to actually contribute something
2.) I don't really know how to approach anyone about helping them out with a
project or getting involved.
3.) As a grad student I don't have a lot of time, so I'd really only be able
to put in a couple hours every week.

So I have a question for those experienced contributors, how did you get
started? What was the first contribution you made to the open source

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