Gnome control center crashes

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Sun Sep 29 20:40:28 UTC 2019

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> Hi Volker,
> That backtrace is invaluable to any of the GNOME developers... it seems to
> me there is a memory handling bug, quite possibly some heap memory is being
> free'd but something went Really Wrong. The heap might be corrupt. The
> memory that it is trying to free might already have been free'd. The
> pointer to the memory might be corrupt.

Most likey is something on Volker's system "broken" in a way that is causing 
GNOME to go south. Probably a bad configuration file, either a configuation 
parameter is out of range or something.  One option is to move GNOME's 
configuration away -- maybe renaming ~/.config to something else and seeing if 
that cures things.

> On Sun, 29 Sep 2019 at 19:48, Volker Wysk <post at> wrote:
> > I guess I should file a bug report.
> >
> I agree. Completely :)

Definately. The backtrace should provide a clue (to the GNOME developers) as
to what is not being handled. Packages like GNOME should tolerate "broken"
configuration files, in that it should automagically fix them or ignore
improper or impossible configuration options (eg setting a window geometry to
a negative size, etc.).

> BW,
> Ian

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