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> This is a good reason to replace Android with a Linux distro, assuming
> Linux is able to do what the user wants and assuming that the user is
> willing to take the risk, to brick the device when rooting it,
> .

Heh. Dmitri -- "Dima" -- is a colleague of mine. Nice guy, very smart
and skilled.

Wesley, to answer your question… no.

Basically there are a tiny handful of Android devices that can run
certain very specific Linux distributions usefully.

Normal desktop Linux isn't really any use on a tablet. It doesn't have
an onscreen keyboard by default, most don't support touchscreens well,
and desktop apps are almost unusable on a small screen.

There are 2 or 3 fairly usable Linuxes for touchscreen devices:

* -- the continuation of Ubuntu Touch. See the
"devices" list for what works.

* Jolla Sailfish on the Jolla Tablet:

Those are very hard to find now -- the Kickstarter failed and very few
made it to market.

Some were sold with Android as the Aigo:


Also very hard to find but you might get lucky.

I personally was *very* disappionted when Ubuntu killed its
tablet/phone efforts. I really wanted one. I am still a little
tempted, but the hardware is too expensive new for me:

But if you want a Linux tablet and don't mind a beta OS, then get one
of those -- 2nd hand if possible -- and put UBPorts on it.

As for your Samsung? I really doubt it.

A different model could run Debian:

But I think not yours.

If you are keen, start by rooting it, and then try to get Lineage OS
running. That will teach you a lot of the skills and you might prefer
using it with Lineage OS.

I did this on my PPTV King 7 and I was much happier with CyanogenMod
(the predecessor of Lineage OS).

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