PAD with ubuntu

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Mon Sep 16 08:00:23 UTC 2019

There are plenty of hints, did you already google? This seems
to be a good summary,
, done by a blowhard and obsessional neurotic, calling his
obsessional neurosis freedom. He even needs to take a computer with him,
when meeting friends.

If you could stand all that narcissistic self-expression, such as
somebody wearing sunglasses while making a video:

I never ever would jailbreak my iPad Pro. I bought it for the features
neither Android, nor Linux do provide. Those are pro-audio real-time
capability with professional apps from companies such as Moog working
OOTB. Android isn't real-time capable at all and Linux doesn't provide
professional garde applications such as Moog or Korg synth. The
other domain is getting a 12,9" graphic tablet with a build in screen,
without annoying latency, that allows to touch the screen with the
hand, while drawing with the pencil.

IOW if you like advantages you have seen on Android devices, you might
not necessarily gain much, if you replace Android by Linux. You might
lose all those advantages.

I've got the impression that usually cool cats break there tablet PCs,
to run another operating system, just to be cool, but seemingly they
have no real idea about professional work-flow. Who is drinking beer
while doing real work?

The thought to get a Linux desktop on a tablet computer sounds
appealing, but if you think it over, by taking the purpose into
account, you soon will become aware, that it usually doesn't make much

I've got a Linux desktop PC for desktop tasks and my tablets for tablet
related tasks. I'm using the hardware + operating system + software
that does fit to my needs. I'm sceptic regarding all-in-one devices. I
neither wash my dishes or closes with my Linux desktop PC, nor with my
Apple tablets. Some of the work I'm doing is done with my Linux PC,
other is done with my Apple tablets and some tasks are done using a
dishwasher or washing machine. The washing machine probably is using an
embedded Linux, I don't know, the dishwasher is that old, that it for
sure doesn't.

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