Question about Ubuntu uses

Ralf Mardorf silver.bullet at
Sun Sep 15 17:21:19 UTC 2019

I would be very careful with lists about purposes about any egg laying
wool-milk-pig [1].

Actually the question should be, what a user wants to achieve. It's
wise to put together a combination of hardware, operating system and
software, that fits to the needs and skills of a user.

A nice example are computers for computer education of very young
pupils. In this use case hardware usually doesn't matter at all, the
required software usually is available for almost all operating
systems. Theoretically the best choice would be an operating system
that is free as in beer, user friendly and wide spread, to avoid paying
for licenses of proprietary operating systems and to make it available
to everyone. In practise almost all teachers would need computer
education first, usually they are barely able to to use a Windows
computer and an Android or iOS smart phone and there knowledge about
privacy, security and diversity regarding software domains is null.
They would never ever touch a Linux machine.

At best some schools have got admins who maintain a Windows network for
the schools and who heard about Linux, BSD etc..

So the reason that Windows is the best choice in this case, are the
shortcomings, such as bad educated teachers and an existing computer
infrastructure, that wasn't well planned in the first place.

Actually Ubuntu would be a better choice for this purpose, since it's a
user-friendly major distro, free as in beer, not just free as in beer
for the schools, but also for the pupils.

What actually is wanted? Stagnation? Progress? Etc.?

There is no answer to a dumb question. It requires individual planning.
Egg laying wool-milk-pigs do not exist.


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