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Tue Mar 26 16:14:44 UTC 2019

Hey there,

Paul Groves wrote:

>As far as I can see, udev thinks it is a hard disk and not a floppy
>disk drive so it trying to repeatedly poll the drive.
>It appears all that is needed it to tell udev not to poll the disk,
>but I have no idea how to troubleshoot any further.
>Can anyone shed some light please?

This would be a hack, but it might work. Have you tried using
modprobe to remove the floppy module from the kernel add it back to
the kernel whenever you need it?

	Remove the module from the kernel until next boot:

		sudo modprobe -r /path/to/floppy/drive

	Add the module to the kernel:

		sudo modprobe /path/to/floppy/drive

Here are a few references:

	This one shows how to get the path to the floppy drive
	(my apologies if you didn't need this).

	This one suggests that you could add the modprobe command to
	the /etc/rc.local file to make it the default state (I'm not
	sure if that's the file you'd use today - that post was from



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