can't find asus wifi after wiping W10 for mint

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Mon Mar 25 00:10:55 UTC 2019

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>On 24/03/2019 22:52, geek at wrote:
>> my friend said sure go ahead and wipe windows 10 and install mint just
>> so you save my files and put them back on. all of that was routine and
>> worked ok except that the wifi quit.
>Oh dear. I'm sorry about that. Somewhere at the entrance to Linuxland
>there should be a large sign which says never to do this with Asus. A
>lot of their stuff is designed specifically to be Windows-only, and will
>either never work with Linux or only after a few years when enough is
>known about the devices for one of the driver gurus to be able to write
>the necessary code.

What ever happened with ndiswrapper? Can you wrap a 'dohs driver? 

>As Liam said, it's possible that that has now happened, so a firmware
>upgrade may fix the problem.
>Asus machines should come with a warning label.
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