floppy disks?

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Sun Mar 10 19:48:02 UTC 2019

On Sun, 10 Mar 2019 at 15:47, Gene Heskett <gheskett at shentel.net> wrote:

>   But theres nothing compatible between the ls120 drives disk
> and a 3.5" floppy. It may insert, but I'd have serious doubts the ls120
> drive could read it.

Read, yes. Write, no.

But the vanilla 1.4 MiB (note, not 1.44 MiB, that is a
widely-propagated error) PC-compatible high-density 3.5" floppy is as
close to a standard format as there was from the late 1980s onwards
and most drives that can physically accept one can read them. Classic
Macs and OS X Macs using a USB drive, faster Amigas, basically any and
all modern Unixes. Physically, 2.8 MiB drives, 20/100/120/144/150
SuperDrives and other IDE superfloppies, all can read them.

The superfloppy drives can't read 2.8 MiB disks, though.

The floppy should have kept on evolving and nearly did, but the 1.4
MiB standard became too entrenched. I've blogged about this:

The result was that we all wasted a lot of expense on
environmentally-disastrous single-use CDR media, until the
sledgehammer of USB flash storage came along.

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