floppy disks?

David Fletcher dave at thefletchers.net
Sun Mar 10 11:15:54 UTC 2019

On Fri, 2019-03-08 at 22:43 -0800, rikona wrote:
> http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/s_drives_howto.html
> Good site. Looks like the really old stuff [non 3.5] will be quite
> hard
> to do.

I've not read all of the thread but did a little searching and found
which would get around the problem of only having a modern PC with no
floppy ports on the motherboard. However this states that it only works
for reading 5.25" floppies.

I also found PCI-e to IDE cards. One of these might let you connect an
LS-120 drive if you have/can get one, which also work with 3.5"

Dave F

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