Getting the finger print reader to work

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Thu Mar 7 10:01:43 UTC 2019

Hi all,

As the Subject field says. 
I've been trying to get the finger print reader to work on my HP ELitebook
850 G5 the last couple of days with no success.

Googling for this problem I see a lot of people having the same problem as I
have. Very few of them has managed to solve this, even with older computers.

I use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on my HP ELitebook 850 G5.
Running lsusb, lists the below device, which I've identified as the finger
print sensor:
Bus 001 Device 005: ID 138a:00ab Validity Sensors, Inc.

This ancient page;
, lists a similar supported sensor device (138a:0001).

Running fprintd-demo show me the dreaded message "No deviced found".
Running fprintd-enroll on the CLI says "list_devices failed: No devices

Are there any recent insight on this, from the list members?
Is gettting the sensor to work, a futile attempt really?


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