How to find source and targhet of data transmissions

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>> ...
>> I tried running that command, and got more outupt than I could go back
>> to the first lines of the output to see what was there, so, because
>> you mentioned the prospect of unattendedf updates ()which are supposed
>> to be disabled on this computer, I loaded Software Updater, and the
>> first screen that I saw, showed that it was installin packages. It did
>> not let me stop what it was doing, so I had to sever the Internet
>> connection, to stop it making unauthorised downloads.
>> Then, the screen started flashing (?) black screens.
>> I have no idea how the system updater has gone dirty, but, it appears
>> safest to disable the system updates, as the software appears to have
>> gone rabid, maliciously taking control of the system.
>> So, I will reconnect to the Internet, send this message, and,
>> disconnect again, and, try to reconnect from time to time, to seek an
>> answer to this - I mayu have to use another computer to connect to the
>> Internet, to try to find a solution, as the operating system appears
>> to have made it toodangerous to connect this computer to the Internet.
>Whatever you do don't stop it while it is *installing* upgrades, you
>can end up with a non-working system if you do that.  If it is
>actually just *downloading* then that is ok.
>What is 'malicious' about automatically installing updates?  There may
>be a bug if it is doing that without your permission but it is most
>unlikely to be malicious.

On some limited resource systems everything else stops. I had
a heck of time with moving the /etc/rc files and finally had to
move junk in the systemd directory IIRC. The real problem
I've seen with "kill -9" is you can end up with inconsistent package
information that can take a while to hunt down and fix. 

>If you want to work out why it is doing it look in Software & Updates,
>in the Updates tab and see what the settings are.
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